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We have a new photo sharing site at where you can upload and download reunion photos


BBHHS 45th Class Reunion 1979

Saturday, July 27, 2024

15000 Cheerful Lane
Strongsville, OH 44136

Open Bar 
Jones Bones BBQA - Food Truck
DJ Music from the 70's / 80's / 90's 
Cornhole - Frisbee Toss (45 records) & more...

Zelle / Venmo  440-343-2505
Snail Mail: Dave Hastings 2370 Martin Rd. Akron, 44333


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Classmates, the following was posted in the forums by Evan Meyer.  We thought it was so special, and so perfectly expresses what is special about our class, that we wanted it out here on the home page to be sure everyone would see it.

Posted Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 12:12 AM from

I think Frank Valli and the Four Seasons said it perfectly about our 30th Reunion but it wasn't late December of 1963 it was the first of August 2009

I had an absolute wonderful time. As I mentioned to some of my classmates,my Mother passed away in June at the age of 86 after a long battle with Alzheimers Disease so the past few weeks were a bit of a trial for me. But a few days after her funeral, I got the invitation from the commitee and I sent it back right away.

To the commitee (Linda,Matt,Melinda,Gail,Mark,and Todd) Everything went off perfectly. I remember calling some of you to say Thank you (almost like a verbal thank you note). Whoever thought of the laminated yearbook pics and the lei rather than 'Hello My name is..' was brilliant!

My yearbook picture was the talk of the press box during the Indians series with the Minnesota Twins and then last week when I was in Avon at the Lake Erie Crushers game, the pic was in my case and someone saw it. I had to show people yes I did have hair but look at the suit I was wearing and the wide lapels. I would have been caught dead if I wore that today lol

That pic will be with me as my make my travels in the fall and winter with College Football and Basketball along with my hockey beats

When I walked in, I had not seen a lot of you since that June night when we left the old Coliseum with our diplomas in hand. But seeing everyone there and if I did miss seeing you I am very sorry, but it was like I gained a lot of friends that I did have when I was in school.

The pictures that are posted were great. I have downloaded a few and have put away on a CD-R disc to look at my leasure.

One disappointment from my perspective,when I talked with Gloria Glaser and we should have had a picture of what we called 'The Chippewa Kids' because I knew Gloria and some of the other back when were all at Chippewa Elementary over on Wiese Road. One of these days we will have that picture taken

Some of you were surprised that I knew many of our classmates during that slideshow in the upper corner of the room. There were some I missed but I nailed most of them...also if you remember my profile that Seniors 79 banner from all those bed sheets from the old Holiday Inn in Richfield that has stayed in my memory all this time.

I had forgotten that was on the front page of the old Cleveland Press

The late great Philadelphia Flyers head coach Fred Shero said to his team before they won their first Stanley Cup in the 1970's "If we win this game...we will always walk together " I really believe this with our class.

Every one of us has carved out something in our lives when we left BHS 30 years ago, but we also had something special through those four years up on Mill Road. We have a special group of people that excelled academically and athletically. We have friendships that have stood the test of time and new ones when we have met at Reunions.

But one thing we will walk the Class of 1979!!

I count you all now as my friends and hope you have the same with me...I think every where we go we take part of the class with us whether it be across town or across the country or even beyond.

I am proud to be associated with a great group of people

I wish everyone the best of success..and to see or hear from you soon


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Alejandro Rocha  6/9
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